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M.Sc. Opportunities in Stream Fish Behavioral Ecology – Iceland

🌊 The Department of Aquaculture and Fish Biology at Holar University in Iceland announces two M.Sc. positions in the research project “Territoriality, foraging, and social organization in stream salmonids: Repeatability and plasticity,” funded by the Icelandic Center for Research (RANNIS).

🔍 **Research Focus:**
– Investigating space use patterns, territoriality, foraging behavior, and social organization in juvenile stream salmonids.
– Collaborative research involving observational studies and field experiments to understand individual behaviors across ecological contexts.

🎓 **Requirements:**
– B.Sc. degree in biology or related disciplines.
– Strong academic record.
– Enthusiasm for research in fish ecology and behavior.

💼 **Position Details:**
– Two M.Sc. positions available.
– Start dates: June 2024 and September 2024.
– Partial funding provided for 2 years (244,000 ISK / 1600 EUR per month).

📅 **Application Deadline:** April 5, 2024, or until suitable candidates are found.

📧 **How to Apply:**
– Contact Dr. Stefan O. Steingrimsson at Holar University ([email protected]).
– Submit CV, statement of research interest, academic transcripts, and contact information for two references.

🌍 **Additional Information:**
– Department of Aquaculture and Fish Biology: www.holar.is
– Holar University focuses on fish biology, aquaculture, and aquatic ecology.
– Collaborative project involving researchers from Holar University and Concordia University and St. Mary’s University in Canada.

🔗 **Contact Information:**
Stefan O. Steingrimsson (Ph.D.), Professor
Dept. of Aquaculture and Fish Biology, Holar University,
551 Saudarkrokur, Iceland

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